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About Us

About Us

Through the path of knowledge, art, travel, business, aesthetics and new technologies, we have created a new reality and an experiential journey of knowledge – the Ancient Greek Experience. Our vision is to bring both Ancient and modern timeless Greece, but also modern, to your hearts and also to walk you from the culture of your reality to the culture of your dreams. With a new personal dimension, experience and feeling. Therefore, we invite you to embark on a great colorful and exciting journey of knowledge, to see the Light and experience Harmony. With elegance and sensitivity, you will experience in Greece something exciting, unparalleled, a new experience coming from the past, living in the present and leading you into the future. Join the myth on a journey of knowledge that has been alive for thousands of years.

Our Company

AGE Travel Group S.A. is an innovative DMC (Destination Management Agency) based in Athens, established in 2019.

Our mission is to offer a holistic experience all year round to the global community. We welcome you to join us on an inspirational journey of our heritage which consists of Architectural masterpieces, gastronomy, theater, music, contact with nature, and philosophical debates. All of these have shaped the greatness of the ancient Greek civilization.

Our vision is to protect our natural monuments, advance the preservation of the Hellenic Cultural Heritage, and present Greece as a distinctive destination.

The Story

Five professionals from the tourism industry decided to unite their fates to create something unique in the Greek tourism industry. The incentives behind this decision were their love for Greek culture and history. Since then, they have managed to create a global network of trustworthy partners and happy travelers.

The main goal of their job is to interlard the long-term strategic partnerships around the world so that you can benefit from the best travel experiences with the best value-for-money ratio so that you don’t have to look any further.

What we do

Business-to-Business Services
• Get the best hotel deals for your clients through our online booking via our B2B platform.
• Get the best deals for travel packages for leisure, religious, and thematic tours
• Get the best programs with fixed departures based on organized excursions

Bespoke Luxury Vacations
• Our specialized team of AGE Travel Group curates travel experiences for discerning private clients who want a vacation that is specially designed for them.

Local Activities and Tours
• Ancient Greek experiences, become an Ancient Greek for a Day
• Guided tours to ancient monuments
• Cruises, Sailboats, and yachts

VIP services and treatment
• Airport meet and greet
• Helicopter VIP transfers
• Security services

• Meeting
• Incentive travel
• Conferences
• Corporate Events planning and operation
• Extra services: Hotel accommodation, team-building activities, Audiovisual equipment, Meet and Greet at the Hotel or at the Airport, and Gala dinner.

We care about the environment and we have proudly signed the UNESCO Sustainable Travel Pledge.

Our company has pledged to:
1. Community engagement
2. Conserve energy
3. Reduce waste

Hellas or Greece – Some historical information

The formal name of Greece is “Hellenic Republic”. Hellas (Ελλάς) derives from the words “EL” which means land and “LAS” which means light. Thus, Hellas is the land of light. According to prof. Christoforos Charalampakis the origin of the word “Greece” is found back in the Ancient Ages. Greece’s name can be pronounced in two different ways. “Greeks” is the name given to those who live in Greece. The truth is that the Greek population prefers the names “Hellas” and “Hellene”. The word “Greece” has a long history dating back to antiquity. There were only a few “Graes” people living during the time of Aristotle. They may have been the first Greeks because they lived close to the Dodoni oracle. There were some ” Hellanes” people in Volos as well; their name was later changed to “Hellene.” The term “Panhellenic,” which refers to a feeling of shared origin, is used during the Hommer era. However, many people preferred not to be pronounced in this way because the word “Grekos” had an undervaluing meaning.

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